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Assessment Management Solution

A flexible, holistic approach to meeting your assessment goals.

Make assessment management easier. Streamline your accreditation process. And give everyone the exact tools they need to achieve their goals.

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Are you asking the right questions about your assessment software?

Many assessment and accreditation solutions look the same on the surface. But when you dig deeper, you’ll see why Anthology is clearly better for helping you improve institutional learning and effectiveness.

  • Choose only the solutions that best fit your needs and position you for success
  • More sophisticated planning capabilities, including assessment cycles
  • Part of a comprehensive, flexible platform
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

Campus Conversation

A collaborative, integrated approach helps build a culture of evidence-based assessment at CSU San Bernardino

Keep using the models that work best for you

Anthology software is designed to be flexible, so you don’t have to change your workflow or processes.

Provide every stakeholder with the tools they need

Get the holistic view you need to guide campus-wide initiatives, while still letting units choose the formats and solutions that work best for them.

Details matter

From customizable fields to personalized dashboards, we know the little things are a big deal.

More solutions = more opportunities

Tell us your goals, and we’ll show you how to combine and adopt our products to address your exact needs.

Grow on your schedule

Start with the solutions you want right now, then add as you go — without switching providers or losing your data.

Proven assessment results

Our platform has helped hundreds of institutions improve their assessment and accreditation processes.

What Can You Do with Anthology?

  • Spend your time analyzing data and interpreting results — not collecting it
  • Make collective decisions based on trusted real-time data that is always available
  • Bring people together and promote collaboration on documents, data, and assessment activity by breaking down data silos
  • Enhance efficiency by bringing all the data, plans, and results together in one integrated platform
  • Create a data ecosystem that amplifies data connections and improves transparency
  • Assess, showcase, and advance real-world experiential initiatives, co-curricular efforts, and programmatic and institutional learning goals
  • Use incremental changes to build consensus, and steadily gain buy-in from contributors and stakeholders
  • Make it easier for stakeholders to participate in the assessment process, thanks to flexible options for configuration and implementation
  • Get everyone on the same page by establishing a shared language for talking about assessment management, and a collective understanding of assessment goals
  • Create advocates for data-driven assessment throughout your institution
  • Monitor the progress on your assessment cycle with automated, real-time dashboards
  • Eliminate costly, duplicative efforts throughout the institution
  • Keep assessment efforts on track
  • Easily communicate key milestones with stakeholders and contributors
  • Use automated workflows as well as integrations with multiple teaching and learning systems to reduce the burden for faculty and other contributors
  • Make it easier for everyone involved to provide meaningful contributions and insights from their perspective
  • Collect, aggregate, and disaggregate data, from student-level learning at the program level to institution-wide outcomes
  • Incorporate both on-campus and off-campus data and experiences
  • Assess outcomes as well as competencies
  • Empower faculty by providing them insight into their students’ learning journeys
  • Promote a data-based approach of assessing strategic plans and outcomes (and stop relying on anecdotal evidence)
  • Present data visually and view progress in real time to help faculty understand how students are learning, and support students’ changing needs
  • Develop course-embedded activities that help enable students to become reflective learners while tracking their growth over time
  • Plan and collaborate to stay on track for submissions to different accrediting bodies
  • Use templates specifically designed for your accrediting body, to save you time and effort
  • Draw clear connections between strategic planning initiatives and accreditation reporting
  • Support programmatic and professional program accreditation with assessments of student learning on campus, in placements, and in the workplace
  • Demonstrate evidence-based progress through direct assessment and feedback

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