Call for Proposals is closed.

Anthology Together 2024 Call for Proposals closed on March 10. We received many quality submissions this year, and the team is in the process of reviewing them. If you missed the deadline, please consider submitting a proposal next year for Anthology Together 2025.

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Notifications to all submitters will be sent out in early April. To check the status of your submission, please log in to your account below.

Important dates

January 24, 2024 – Call for Proposals Opens
March 10, 2024 – Call for Proposals Closes
April – Accept/Regret Notifications Sent
April – Accepted Sessions Posted on Conference Website
May – Session Schedule Released

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Program Themes

At Anthology Together, we’re evaluating proposals across eight program themes.

Discover new ways to foster connections and strengthen support with alumni and donors, while using data to enhance your engagement and fundraising strategies. Sessions will include information on developing a more personalized and meaningful alumni engagement strategy, effectively stewarding current and past donors, and using your advancement CRM to proactively identify prospects and increase your team’s efficiency.

Key Products and Services: Anthology Encompass, Anthology Raise

Target Audiences: Institutional Advancement/Alumni Relations, Marketing/Communications (Advancement Only), Advancement Leader, AVP/Director of Alumni Relations, AVP/Director of Advancement Services, AVP/Director of Annual Giving, Director of Marketing Communications (Advancement only), Associate/Assistant Directors of Alumni Relations, Advancement Services, Annual Giving, Communications, Information Technology (IT) Leader, Web Services and System Administrators

Hear from practitioners across government and corporate spaces and learn about their unique use of Anthology products, their takeaways and best practices, and how you can apply them at your organization. Additionally, hear from the team delivering new enhancements to Blackboard Learn in the coming months and how these new features can improve and expand your current and future programs.

Key Products and Services: Blackboard Learn, Anthology Ally, Anthology Adopt

Target Audiences: Academic Affairs, Data/Institutional Research, Educator, HR/Training, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Instructional Design, Legal/Contracts/Compliance, Online Learning/eLearning, Student Affairs, Senior Leadership

Anthology DevCon track is crafted for developers, engineers, and tech enthusiasts eager to lead the pack. Immerse yourself in the latest advancements through hands-on workshops, security considerations when developing and consuming APIs, and practical case studies. Explore the dynamic ways developers harness Anthology tech to prepare colleges and universities for the future of education, offering a glimpse into tomorrow's possibilities, and discussions related to security and data protection. Stay ahead of the curve and be part of the technological forefront with Anthology.

Key Products and Services: Blackboard Learn/Ultra, Anthology Student, Anthology Finance & HCM, Anthology Reach, Anthology Ally, Anthology Illuminate

Target Audience: Data/Institutional Research, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Instructional Design, Online Learning/eLearning, Security/Data Protection (DevCon added), Technology Partner (DevCon added)

There's a lot of data in higher education, but data is only useful when you apply it effectively—and nobody does this better than Institutional Effectiveness teams and leaders. In this track, we'll explore the ways Anthology solutions can make your data collection and reporting processes easier and more actionable. Join your peers and Anthology experts as we discuss ways to drive collaboration across campus and support assessment, strategic planning, teaching and learning, and other functions through the effective use of data.

Key Products and Services: Anthology Accreditation, Anthology Program Review, Anthology Planning, Anthology Outcomes, Anthology Portfolio, Anthology Collective Review, Anthology Evaluate, Anthology Baseline, Blackboard Learn, Anthology Professional Services, Data & Assessment Services

Target Audiences: Academic Affairs, Assessment, Data/Institutional Research, Educator, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Student Affairs, Senior Leadership

Join us to explore how innovative institutions leverage Anthology’s modern student information system (SIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. With a holistic scope that supports you from acceptance to graduation, Anthology is enabling institutional agility at scale with unparalleled flexibility from products and services. Hear from institutions that are partnering with Anthology to offer diverse learning structures to automate finance, payroll, and human capital management processes and to enable illuminated data-driven decision-making across the institution.

Key Products and Services: Anthology Student, Anthology Finance & HCM, Anthology Payroll, Anthology Professional Services, Integration Services, State Reporting Services

Target Audiences: Academic Affairs, Academic Operations, Accessibility/Disability Services, Accounting & Finance, Admissions/Enrollment, Data/Institutional Research, Facilities/Operations, Financial Aid/Funding/Bursar, HR/Training, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Legal/Contracts/Compliance, Marketing/Communications, Records, Student Affairs, Student Success/Services, Senior Leadership

Dive deep into sessions that highlight innovation throughout the enrollment funnel. As AI, integrated data, and sophisticated CRM technologies provide increased opportunities to add efficiency and personalization to enrollment plans, learn best practices from your peers on how these trends can drive strategic enrollment growth. Discover how institutions like yours are combining the power of technology and scaled operations to positively impact top-funnel enrollment growth and streamline the admissions process.

Key Products and Services: Anthology Reach, Anthology Milestone, Anthology Research & Strategy, Anthology Performance Marketing, Anthology Enrollment Management, Anthology Online Program Experience (OPX), Anthology One Stop

Target Audiences: Admissions/Enrollment, Data/Institutional Research, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Financial Aid/Funding/Bursar, Marketing/Communications, Online Learning/eLearning, Senior Leadership

Student retention is of growing importance in higher education, as stop-out rates continue to grow after the pandemic. Join experts in student success, retention, and co-curricular engagement to explore the full breadth of the student experience and discover the actionable data sources available to inform meaningful student outreach and support. Learn how your peers are best integrating technologies and data to provide timely, personalized support to students when they need it most, and how to best tackle the time, resource, and budget constraints that can make these initiatives challenging to implement.

Key Products and Services: Anthology Engage, Anthology Milestone, Anthology Beacon, Anthology Occupation Insight, Anthology Baseline, Anthology Student Verification, Anthology Reach, Anthology Succeed, Anthology One Stop, Anthology Help Desk, Anthology Chatbot, Anthology Retention Coaching

Target Audiences: Student Success/Services, Admissions/Enrollment, Data/Institutional Research, Financial Aid/Funding/Bursar, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Student Affairs

Join institution leaders and instructors from around the world to share actionable insights on how data, technology, and innovation drive engaging learning experiences. Explore AI and other EdTech trends that are impacting modern pedagogy and learn best practices from your peers on how these are being applied to empower instructors and benefit students from diverse backgrounds. As higher education sharpens its focus on data, this track will uncover how to effectively leverage insights from learning technology to improve the overall student experience.

Key Products and Services: Blackboard Learn, Anthology Ally, Anthology Adopt, Anthology Education Services, Anthology Professional Services, Blackboard Data, Anthology Illuminate

Target Audiences: Academic Affairs, Accessibility/Disability Services, Assessment, Data/Institutional Research, Educator, Information Technology (IT)/Web Services, Instructional Design, Online Learning/eLearning, Student Success/Services, Senior Leadership